Right NOW Resolutions

I am going to feel this for days but it was worth it to remind me of how far I have come and how determined I am not to back slide any more than I have health wise.
Last night after finally feeling better after 10 days of being sick I went out to meet up with my friend Brandy who was downtown.  There is an upstairs bar called Fatty’s that is a nearly 2 story stair climb. A couple of years ago just climbing the stairs was hell on my old knees, now even after being sick and months of slacking I went up and down twice, walked around the block when before my weight loss I could barely get across the street there without being wiped out and most of all I danced.
I danced for over 28 minutes (yes I used the stopwatch on my phone) and I really danced, not just shuffled, I made myself move and despite having little rhythm or grace I enjoyed myself. 
April 26th 2015 is the 5th anniversary of my weight loss surgery and I am using that day (128 days from now) as a goal to motivate me to be in much better shape than I am now or have been.
Some people have New Year’s Resolutions and while part of me Was thinking “why don’t I just coast til NYE and start fresh on the first?” I now know I need “Right the Hell NOW resolutions”
I can’t wait, I can’t slack, there will never be a “Perfect” time or an easy time to start so I need to start NOW.
If it is important enough to change my life over it is important enough to start now.
So my goals by 4-26-15 are:

1. Drop and stay below 200 (I am bouncing  around 206) I would prefer to be below 190 but 195 will do.
2. Do that by eating healthy….
* reduce simple   as much as I can including in my coffee/tea, little if any candy (I already really don’t eat grain) 1-2 apples a day for fiber.
* increase and maintain my protein intake to 100 grams a day through food mostly since my protein drink has splenda.
* continue to remove artificial sweeteners and ingredients from my diet.
* drink more water, less caffeine and alcohol

2. Be physically more fit, have higher endurance and greater strength and stamina then I do now, or than last year in April.  My legs hurt but the actual replacements are perfect so it is mostly weak muscle, tendons and ligaments that need to be strengthened and stretched so my goal by 4-26-15 is to:
* get at least 30 minutes of exercise ever day, alternating levels of exertion day to day.
* get to where I am able to ride the bike at the Y for 5 miles on random 2 or above 3 times a week
* go dancing at least 1 day a week for 1 hour total to improve my sense of balance and to become more comfortable with how I move (maybe buy a physical stopwatch so I don’t need my phone)
* be able to make it through a Tai Chi class with Alex
* on the days I don’t dance or ride walk at least a mile or more.

It seems like so much but it is all interconnected, it all comes down to eat right/move more/feel better

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