Why is being healthy so hard when it should be simple

The following is a “doped up on cold meds” rant, I hope it makes sense, if not the pictures pretty much sums it up

Why is being healthy so Damn Hard???
The thing is living a healthy life IS simple but actually Doing it isn’t, following through, doing what we all know we need to do is hard because we are human and we tend to like things we shouldn’t have and we tend to give in when we want something.
Ever see those “Swap this habit or food for This habit or food for better health” articles and think to yourself “DUH”
But then when it comes time to follow through with things like “Park in the back of the parking lot instead of as close as you can” (or other simple advice like eat an apple instead of a Twinkie) you find yourself parking as close as you can to the store and passing up the fruit on your way to the snack foods.
Why? Why is being healthy so damn hard (I include myself in this)

Really if you think about it healthy living honestly does break down to the following:
Move, stand, walk, exercise more.
Sit Less.
Sleep More.
Eat a balanced diet of Clean, Whole foods as much as you can.
Eat less processed foods and stimulants like caffeine or depressants like booze.
Drink plenty of Water.
Continue to work your brain by learning new things.
Learn to manage stress, anxiety and anger.

Sounds SOOOOOO simple right?
But we all know it isn’t.
Things get in the way.
Lack of money
Lack of time
Lack of motivation
Lack of determination
And an entire economy dependent on selling you things that are not good for you, processed foods, cigarettes, booze, coffee. Not to mention an economy based on making you dislike yourself and be dissatisfied with your life so that you will spend more and question less.  That same economy makes billions off of selling you the idea of instant gratification health, diet plans that are not sustainable, gyms that promote competition and often end up making people feel bad about themselves.
Yes many people do find the balance of movement, sleep, food, water and stress management but so many more never do.
Maybe the worse part for me is I Know what and how to do all the things I SHOULD do but I am just not good at actually following through and doing them so I feel an extra special kind of guilt.  Maybe if I had no clue what works I could blame everything but myself but I know better, I know it should be simple if a lot of work but I make it hard by taking the “easy” way out too often, the path of least resistance and give in to my base wants (you know, chocolate, coffee and slacking) instead of pushing myself.
I have paid the cost for that laziness and I still am but it isn’t too late.

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