I deserve better

I had an epic binge, seriously pre-wls level.  My excuse is I am sick with bronchitis and a sinus infection and woe is me I deserve it.
Now I am sicker, the antibiotics and the cold meds helped the symptoms they are supposed to but my DS-WLS altered guts are miserable, I am cramped and bloated and afraid to go anywhere.  I hurt and part of my mind says it is what I deserve
I DESERVE to treat myself right.
I DESERVE to be adult enough to understand I make mistakes and move forward.
I DESERVE to respect myself enough to stop falling into the trap of self justification for bad behavior.
I DESERVE to be happy and to realize that a few moments of eating crap is not worth a day or more of discomfort and embarrassment.
I DESERVE a healthy relationship with myself and with food

I don’t deserve to suffer, being sick doesn’t justify eating in a way I know will make it worse…time to grow up and accept that I deserve to love myself enough to change.

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