A conversation with myself

Determined Me: “This isn’t working, bad habits and bad choices, this isn’t working…time to fucking start over!”
Pessimistic Me: “Again?!? Don’t we do that a lot? Don’t you say ‘I am starting over’ all the fucking time? What good does doing the same thing over and over do?”
Determined Me: “Yes, because you and ‘Impulse-Control-Issue Me’ keep giving up and giving every time ‘Stressed-Out Me’ says we should eat the wrong foods or not exercise or not treat ourselves right because things aren’t EASY”
Pessimistic Me: “Things aren’t easy! They suck!!!”
Determined Me: “Well being sick and tired and worried about gaining weight and feeling weak and letting it all make us depressed ISNT FUCKING GOING TO HELP!”
Pessimistic Me: “So we start over again and then what? We are what we are, we are stressed, we are pessimistic and we have impulse control issues and we fuck up A LOT”
Determined Me: “We are are also Determined, and there is also ‘Hopeful Me’ and ‘Intelligent Me’… And we got us this far, and we are getting stronger because I will let you in on a secret, it isn’t us that does the same thing over and over…it is you three.  We keep trying new things, we keep researching, digging at the reasons you three exist and changing up our strategy and you keep doing what you are doing and we keep starting over with new things and each time we LEARN, we learn what works, we learn what doesn’t and we learn what makes you tick.  And we may never beat you 100% but we are learning to work around you and someday you will meet the biggest, baddest, toughest one of us all”
Pessimistic Me: “Oh really? And who would that be?”
Determined Me: “Successful US”


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