After birthday goals

After giving up artificial sweeteners last week my neuropathy spasms have been super mild, usually if I drink booze they get bad that night.
Tonight I don’t know if it is a delayed reaction from the drinking last night or because I have been drinking so much coffee lately, or if it is whatever made me feverish for a few hours tonight or if I got into MSG on accident (another neuropathy trigger) or what because I still am not doing Artificial sweeteners but the spasms are so bad and so painful I am nearly getting knocked out of bed every time I doze off (usually by the time I fall asleep they slow down) 
My left foot feels as if a rhino stepped on it and my entire body is spasming at random.
Regardless of if it is a delayed reaction to drinking it does solidify my determination to go without drinking alcohol and to radically cut down on caffeine for 2 months to see how I feel.
It really is time to take control of my health and get serious, I can’t wait for new years to make these goals, it is time to start NOW
So my goals are:
*No alcohol for 2 months to see how I feel
*Reducing my extreme caffeine intake (a pot plus of coffee a day) by at least 2/3rds
*Reducing my sugar/simple carb intake by 3/4ths or more
*Exercising more to help with general health and SAD
*Drinking 80+ oz of water a day over everything else I drink
*No artificial sweeteners or MSG and as few nitrates as possible

It sounds like a lot at once but this pain is not something I can tolerate when I suspect I don’t need to be having so much of it


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