Getting stress under control

My birthday is today and I have been pretty much celebrating for over a week, tomorrow is the last.
Tomorrow is also when I put the brakes on my bad behavior and get my freaking act in gear, being in some amount of control of my life is the only real way I can control stress and stress eating.
For a late birthday present I am giving myself the me I want.
I am treating it the way others treat New Years… Basically it is also the treatment for Seasonal Affective Disorder so that will help.
I will be:
Reducing sweets (real and fake) to the bone
Increasing protein and water intake as well as eating a few apples and carrots a day for healthy carbs/fiber (I really can’t eat grains, hyper sensitive to wheat and other grain fibers bloat me painfully)
Alcohol only on very special occasions
Exercising 30 minutes every day even if just a good walk
Reducing caffeine, first by making a pot of half-caf a day and putting it in my carafe.
Also controlling my milk intake to under 32 oz (yes a quart a day, if I don’t measure it into a jar each day I can drink 45 oz)
Finally I have taken moves to reduce my on going stress:
I canceled 2 parties I was thinking of throwing simply because of lack of funds and energy.
I have gotten better at telling the roommates things need done around the house and separating our food expenses. For my birthday I asked for a clean house.
I also told my husband I want my very disorganized room fixed up (I gave up my art studio to one set of roommates And the storeroom to another so I desperately want my room set up for art as well as for a private space)
I am getting serious about paying off the electric bill which has a back amount over $500 (budget pay of $82 a month won’t bring it down so I am going to pay extra every month and we fixed the hot water drip that help run it up and it looks like we won’t have below 10°f weather again for a while )
Also I am controlling stress spending since it just makes everything worse
I started a small dose of Prozac on top of my meds and it seems to help after I moved my dose to right before bed because it dopes me up for about 4-5 hours and helps me sleep.
I am determined to not stress out about Christmas, I set a small budget for Christmas presents and since I am mostly giving cash to my husband’s 2 sisters and niece and my family agreed on no gifts it helps.
It is up to me to control my own stress and not let it control me

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