Withdrawal symptoms from Splenda, oh pain

I am going off Sweeteners….oh my Goth the withdrawal symptoms!!!!
If I ever doubted that artificial sweeteners are evil the fact I want to peel off my skin to stop the itch proves me wrong
And now I believe from some of what I read that I am definitely going through withdrawal symptoms, which they describe as “Similar to the pain and discomfort of Fibromyalgia” (!!!)
3 days ago after yet another horrible night of worse than normal nerve spasms that even 300mg of gabapentin didn’t touch and stabbing large joint pain that tramadol barely phased and that I KNOW could be traced back to over use of Sucralose I pretty much quit artificial sweeteners (I have had 1 packet a day of Sugar free apple cider but there will be no more of that)
I have had a weird foggy sensation in my head along with louder than usual ringing in my ears and a horrible neck ache beyond normal for about 40 hours now.
All last night and today every joint hurts and is popping and cracking (large joint pain like too much sweetener gives but also all the little joints in my hands and feet feel as if they were crushed) it is all encompassing and actually unusual despite the fact I am used to arthritis and neuropathy pain.
I am use to the general ache yes but this joint stiffness and popping mixed with serious nerve pain both on my skin and deep inside and a feeling like my nerves are coiled springs ready to go off is just weirdly over the top.
It is almost like my allergic reactions to MSG but I have had nothing with enough MSG to do this, it would take me eating like 2 full bags of LAYS cheese potato chips and a tub of dip to do that….and no… not at all.
I am drinking tons of water and going cold turkey now because I want this over with!  I am also giving in because while I hate benadryl I hate itching worse.
Now I have no doubt this stuff is evil.

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