Ugh, so much to do to unfuck my house, so sick

There is so much cleaning and organizing to do before Thursday (then cooking) and more in the week after but I am sick (really bad depression on top of a kidney infection) and I have no energy but worse no motivation and I keep wanting to say fuck it all and go back to bed and vainly try to sleep it all away.
Alex has the week off but I feel so bad asking him to help me all the time but I hate asking anyone to help.  I can barely bring myself to ask my roommates to dump the garbage because I feel so much guilt about being a bother and a burden.
The house isn’t horribly messy or dirty but I feel out of control and I know since that if I get sicker it will just go to hell fast.  Our bedroom now has about of the stuff that was once in my art studio and needs organizing. It isn’t even a hard job but everything from a load+ of dishes and laundry and basic cleaning a day to back and kidney pain makes me want to hide from it all and cry.
Not that I will.
I can’t because it may be the only thing I have a chance of making better right now.

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