Alex and I did a great big clean up/organizing of the front room this morning, he came home from work around 5:45am and I woke up at 5 am so really the only time we can get stuff done is the 90 mins or so right after he gets off work.
Tomorrow (and possibly Thursday) is a big clean up of the bedroom because we are ordering new bedside furniture (bookcases and bedside dressers) over the next few paychecks as a combined Xmas/my birthday gift and 1 more bookcase for art supplies.
This weekend we put plastic on windows, over the AC unit and insulate the front and back door, removing the foam stripping and putting denser, better quality rubber stripping in (costs about 30% more but worth it because the light grey foam ends up falling apart in a month)
Also adding a weather strip to the bottom of the front door and insulating the garage better.
Also over the next few months we will get closet organizers of some kind for our room and actually get the closets put together as well as organizing under the kitchen and bathroom sinks and the laundry area.
My birthday gift to myself and from my husband and roommates will be that by the end of the year the house at least will be organized in a sustainable way.

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