So that is what rested feels like

So I found out what eating enough of the right food for me, (high protein and enough healthy fat to make my brain work and finally getting so exhausted that I sleep through the night does…. (fitfully but still 8 hours)
I actually got stuff done this morning, a lot of it between 6am and 10:20am.
I cleaned out and organized the entire over stuffed upright freezer AND the refrigerator freezer and dumped freezer burned and unmarked/unrecognizable food and now have things set up to get stuff easily
Hauled the garbage out before things could melt
Defrosted a few shelves that had gotten icy build up with a metal spatula and elbow grease
Hung up another layer of curtain and a sheer wall covering in my room (badly hung window is an evil cold ass mo fo)
Went shopping for my mom
Baked breakfast cake
Did dishes, unloaded dishes and loaded all the storage containers from freezer
Hauled laundry around
Organized a 7 ft tall set of pantry shelves and over the laundry area and reorganized the coffee area so everything to make coffee isn’t in different parts of the kitchen.
And counted out 85 frozen plums to crock pot for plum butter (need to know how many pits to dig out of the slush later)
Sorted through stuff to take out to the garage
And finally faded out and took a bath

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