Exhaustion, or when your body says “I can’t even…”

I don’t sleep well, usually it is fine and I wander around at about 80% of my mental/physical capability with moments of “I can’t even….”
Today we met up with Ginger and Mark and wandered in the park for awhile playing Ingress.
I was fine until suddenly I wasn’t.
Everything started to hurt, my back, my foot and I couldn’t catch a breath or think clearly so we headed home (I strangely enough drove…nearly hit someone crossing the street)
Once home I was OK for about 30 minutes and suddenly I could barely move, I was numb and hurting all at once and had vertigo and was pouring sweat and finally passed out to 3 hours of fitful sleep.  Now I am fine but tired.
This doesn’t happen often but I think my body was simply saying “fuck you, we are sleeping and I have more tricks to throw at you if you don’t stay down.”
I feel better if still wiped out and as much as I wish I could hang out with Alex I need sleep (BTW he is so sweet and stayed in the bedroom on his computer for 3 hours instead of playing his game to make sure I was OK)
I said today was a SELF CARE DAY  (haircut pics tomorrow) and it is but for once that means letting myself actually sleep

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