Time to stop living randomly

It is time to stop living randomly and not let this winter slip away into darkness.  I allowed a vitamin deficiency to derail me for 5 months, I will not allow winter to make it worse.

Right now I am living randomly and it is destroying me.

Because of Seasonal Affective Disorder…
Randomly I want to cry for no good reason,
Randomly (but often) I feel as if my plug has been pulled, I lose all energy
Randomly I NEED to sleep because it feels as if I am drugged
Randomly (but often) the urge to binge on sugar hits me like a brick and makes me feel crazy
Randomly I feel weak and sore as if I had not slept for days
Randomly I am filled with sorrow so deep that for a few minutes or hours I feel like dying

Because I refuse to give up it is…
Time to deliberately eat healthy
Time to deliberately spend time under my therapy light
Time to deliberately exercise daily not just walking randomly but working out
Time to deliberately control my intake of caffeine and sugar and drink more water
Time to deliberately change my way of thinking

It is time to live a deliberate life.

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