Letting go and making changes for Samhain

Planning lots of changes for next year, things have to change or they stagnate.
Sometimes something as small as someone else’s petty actions can show you that it is time to reevaluate things such as what and who you give priority to.
Time to make changes in health, spending and where I expend my energies
I just went over the last 3 months of my Facebook and removed everything negative or too personal that I have posted.
Samhain is the time of year to release negative energy and change bad habits then make plans for the coming year.
I realize I have a great deal of anger, aggressive feelings and resentment towards certain people and I am letting that go. 
I am letting go of anger.
I do not need to keep poisoning myself and those closest around me while hoping that those I dislike suffer
It accomplishes nothing
I am letting go of resentment
Resentment towards others, towards myself and towards things I can not change
I am letting go of excuses.
Excuses to myself and others about my behavior, my spending, my health and self care.
I am letting go and starting to make changes in my habits

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