Don’t be so hard on yourself, trust me others will do it for you

I left the party at midnight and I was beating myself up until I realized I had not slept in 30 hours, my back was in serious spasm AND because we did the decorating at 8pm and had to stop to grab stuff at the store we had left home before 7:30 so really I had been there 4.5 hours and busy most of the day AND we decorated and ran around for about 90 mins….in other words I did a hella lot more than I was giving myself credit for (including making a big stew, moving part of the recliner and baskets of laundry, driving my mom to drop off her car at 7 am, shopping and being sick for about 8 hours straight so that I couldn’t eat real food most of the day)
I am way too hard on myself most of the time and while I do need to strive to do far better than I currently am I also need to recognize my achievements as I go and not get so down on myself that I convince myself I am a failure so why try

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