Photo from Fandemonium by Tim Boothby

Alex and I went to Fandemonium, a local fan convention that we have worked for in the past.
I bought Alex his ticket months ago as a birthday gift (his birthday is in May so we got the ticket way early) and I ran a Cards Against Humanity late night event and we got these amazing photos taken and bought copies for our holiday cards this year
Tim Boothby is a great photographer with a really cool family, I really adore his wife Kimberly who is a crafter and costume maker.  I got 100s of pounds of material when my grandma died, much of it from over a decade before and lots of it stuff I will never use so when I went through it I gave it to Kimberly and then later sold her a bunch of sewing supplies (I would have given them to her because I had no use for it but she wanted to give me some gas money so we agreed on $20)
I love these photos!




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