Fighting a battle that never ends, and that is ok

I will succeed because I know that I have many failings, I try to never assume I am without flaw at anything and I recognize that the things that annoy me most in life are often the things about myself I wish to change.
I will succeed because I try day after day to be better while knowing that I have not already reached my goal because my goal is to always be better than I was the day before and so there is no end to trying and yet I am OK with that.
I will succeed because I keep trying and like the vast majority I fail over and over but I try again. Perfection is not real and so neither is absolutism, I am human but knock me down and I will rise again and again.
I will succeed because I realize that life is a battle, a fist fight, every time you are knocked down or forced to retreat you must examine the causes of your failings, learn from them and see where you should put your effort.  Flailing blindly at a problem seldom helps but strategy wins wars.
I will succeed because I am learning to recognize the strength in myself and to stop fearing my failings, because by facing both I can use them to my advantage.
I will succeed because if life knocks me down I will still come out swinging and I am learning to take a hit like a fucking champ and return it like a pro.


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