Someone pulled my plug

This is how I feel, someone pulled the plug on my energy. 
I was fine, we had gotten a reasonable amount of sleep, I had eaten a lite Greek yogurt and was totally ready to go run errands one minute then felt dizzy and tired, absolutely wiped out, the next.  I had to have Alex go run the errands (which he was sweet about) while I sat and recovered enough just to put a few small things out of the way so our temporary roommate could clean up a bit.
The thing is this used to happen to me all the time but it doesn’t happen as much now as when I was eating grains and simple sugars but yesterday I ate a bunch of mango (for me a bunch is 1 large one) which I don’t usually do and I think that did it.
A nap, plenty of water and a high protein snack and I will be ready to go workout.
Already did a little housework and there is more to do later.

This is how I feel




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