Making mistakes can lead to learning

I think one of the biggest failings in my life in the past has been not learning from my mistakes and repeating them blindly over and over.
Maybe the best thing about weight loss surgery is it made me stop blaming every health issue on “well its cause of my weight” and thankfully I have had no complications from the surgery so while I do look at how my body works differently now I also pay attention better to how different things I eat, stress, moods, meds and the environment around me effects my health.
Sadly the only way I can often connect the dots is to experiment with something (even unintentionally) and observe how it effects me.  Since the only thing that seems to motivate my control over what I consume is adverse reactions and discomfort it helps me to realize how things effect me.
Realizing that large doses of sugar exhausts me for days, makes everything ache and drains me of energy to do much of anything and effects my moods will hopefully make giving it up most of the time easier. People are surprised that I have no desire to eat bread, cake or cookies but I know what kind of pain and discomfort wheat gives me so it isnt worth it.
Let’s hope that feeling like crap for a few days will benefit me over all



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