Dear body, legs and mind

Dear Body, I betrayed you, I allowed you to be nearly destroyed then I used the pain from the damage as an excuse to not work harder.  I didnt pay attention to your needs, blaming everything on “I’m fat” when really I was fat partly because of all the things wrong I ignored.
Dear Legs, I know you hurt, not just from being tired but because of the nerves I caused to be damaged by my negligence and my compulsive behaviors.  You hurt because you are still trying to recover from being cut apart and put back together all because I couldn’t say no or make myself go.
Dear Mind and Appetite, you are so confused, I gave in to nearly every whim you had for years and poisoned myself in the process, I pretty much never told you no and now you keep pushing to see if you will win….you won’t.
So my sweet body, legs and mind, we have another chance, we can’t start fresh because much of the damage is done but we can keep fighting to get stronger, to get better and to refuse to quit.
So you can all throw your fits, cause your pain, your spasms, your raging cravings, punish me all that you want but I am not quitting, not to punish you back but in an attempt to give you the life you deserve because I love you.



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