Inner child needs a spanking

This weather and the depression/mania (yes you can be both manic and depressed at the same time) is kicking my reserve in the ass.  I have spent 3 days misbehaving with sugar and I am paying the cost, gas, bloating and pain.
Well that crap is OVER.
Back on track, maybe not super low carb but sure as hell NOT simple sugar, no candy!!!!
It may not be easy to say no to myself in this mood but my inner child is being a candy grubbing brat and it is time my “Inner Babysitter” stepped in (bonus points if you know that reference)
I feel down enough hiding away from the sun and heat and I do NOT need guilt and the pain of inflammation to make it worse.  Back to exercising, reducing my presence on FB,  relaxing with books and spending time journaling.
Full steam ahead!


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