Reset button

Well Saturday was a failure, and mostly it was my fault.
Pain kept me awake most of the night,
An attempt to enjoy time with my husband was derailed by pain and cranky mood brought on by my failed attempts to eat right and over doing low carb
I felt amazing guilt because the old man next to me at the coffee shop so obviously needed to talk and I just couldn’t be social
I did nothing, I didnt even cook or do any cleaning, we laid around in bed and read all day
I gave in and ate candy for the first time in a month, I know I need more carbs but not like that
It seemed that everything I posted all day set someone off and the various set downs, insults and offenses taken won’t stop echoing through my head like thunder breaking me up inside no matter how hard I try to forget.
And now I am whining.
I feel worthless and I know that is not true but I now realize after repeatedly being set down by people today that all anyone really wants is to see vapid and positive stuff and that allowing myself to dwell on the negative in anyway is not OK.  So from now on I shall “Fake it until I make it”


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