You are not a dog

I now hurt so much from simple food and drink splurges that it is becoming easier to avoid them (inflammation disorder I think)
Over the 4th of July weekend I had quite a few drinks (including very sweet wine) too many corn chips and a dip and beans with a little simple sugar and despite not eating very much overall I gained 11 pounds of mostly inflammation in 4 days and some really bad pain which I had start to get under control with diet.
I am slowly getting back to where I was but it wasn’t worth it.
I am mostly paleo for the anti inflammatory effects, no grains, no tomatoes, few peppers, no potatoes, no simple sugars including booze, no overly processed foods and I just need to stay that way. 
From now on I will celebrate holidays and parties by making sure I have lots of the stuff I NEED to eat to keep me away from the stuff I might enjoy at the moment but which will cause days and days of pain. And if I honestly feel that I can’t avoid those foods at celebrations maybe I need to avoid the celebrations for a while.
I need to stop thinking of junk food as a TREAT.  More than anything I need to stop seeing food in general as something to reward myself with and stop eating wrong to celebrate days off, holidays, parties and to stop soothing bad days with it as well
For the first time in my life the pain that what I eat and the anxiety of gain is worse to me than the desire for a treat.



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