Summer goals

My goals for summer…things to accomplish before Sept 23rd
Mine are:
*to stay low carb and give up all the simple sugars I can possibly give up….no more candy or sugary goodies
*To stay under 125 grams of net carbs a day and less than 60 of those complex sugars, with my malabsorption that puts me just above ketosis
*To not drink booze at all because of the inflammation it brings on
*to get 125+ grams of protein a day
*to get 100 oz of water every day
*To get my allergy/sensitivity test done in 1 month and reduce intake of inflammatory foods
*To increase my exercise bike riding to 6 miles at random 4 at least 3-4 times a week
*Bike 250 miles this summer at the Y (500 by new years)
*take at least 7 tai Chi classes *take at least 4 Nia dance classes and at least 1 other type of movement classes
*walk more
*dance more to improve my comfort in my own body
*Improve my body image
*Learn to deal with stress better without resorting to food, spending or booze
*be more positive
*set boundaries and stick with them
*release resentment
*finish organizing the garage, the art room and the rest of the house
*create more to express my feelings (journaling and painting)
*work on fixing my wardrobe up (clothes and accessories)
*budget better


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