A plan to be more comfortable in my body

I did 5.60 miles at Random level 3 (levels 2-6) on the bike today…my right leg which I had the knee replaced on in Apr 2013 is just tired but the left leg is on fire, it aches badly and the nerves along the skin feel like electrical zaps and the spasms are building (that knee is 3 weeks away from a year on its replacement but a fall soon after surgery did some nerve and muscle damage)
I have no intention of stopping getting better but it is frustrating that this leg is so damn painful nearly a year later when the other was much better by 7 months.
I am proud of how I am doing but I believe I need to not be stubborn and I will have to go back down to random 2 (5.60) for the next 2 rides then increase by .10 miles for 3 rides at a time until I get to 6.00 miles and only then will I start building up resistance and move to random 3
My goal is by Aug being in movement classes like Tai Chi and Nia by mid Sept I want to feel more comfortable with how I move.  I spent so many years moving a body more than twice this size on damaged knees that I dont know how to move gracefully or even comfortably.
I hope to stick with the low carb, low lectin diet to reduce inflammation and pain and to stay more mobile, if I lose weight, fine, if I gain that is OK also as long as it is muscles mass, I just want to feel better.
It will take a while but by my birthday in Dec I want to be much more comfortable in my body, and at least I have a plan
I refuse to let the pain win but I also refuse to be foolish and charge blindly into hurting myself worse so slow and steady it is.




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