Using How clean is your house for motivation

I found a new motivator for the long boring job of sorting art supplies that got mixed up together in bins and boxes. I watch an episode of BBC’s “How Clean Is Your House?” on YouTube then take a break, eat something or check what is in the oven.
Then before starting the next episode I take a few seconds, bring more boxes and bins and random bags in the front room where I have other bins divided by types such as: 
“no really this is trash, toss it”
“Every piece of random art paper” 
“So many damn pens, pencils and brushes” 
“Jewelry making supplies and random geegaws”
“give this shit away”
“totally random art supplies of which I only have a few”
“how can I Still have so much sewing stuff? I gave 100s of pounds of it away?” (No really did give 250 pounds of material and supplies away)
“this stuff belongs in other parts of the house for crap sake”
“why is there so much bathroom stuff in with the art supplies?”

I then sort the mixed up boxes, bins and bags out into these slightly less mixed up bins.
When that is done I will sort out individual bins into their storage options and label stuff (I am about 3/5ths done with the 1st sort)

I won’t watch hoarders because it makes me sad and angry but this show makes me feel like their is hope.
I would love to find full episodes of TLCs Clean Sweep too


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