Taking inventory…how to

Decluttering: time to take inventory.
There are many ways to figure out what you want in your life, physically, mentally, spiritually, socially and personally…the best for me is by taking inventories.
First brainstorm what you want in your life, don’t categorize or worry if something sounds dumb, this is your first rough notes not even an outline much less a finished draft.
Part of mine would be like this…
Things I want in my life:
Less clutter
No drama
To feel comfortable socially again
To eat better (cut out lectins)
To exercise more
To feel comfortable in my own skin
Plastic surgery? (Maybe)
To spend less
Less stress
More joy
My art room the way I want
A clean house and garage
To fix up my clothes how I want.
Fix things that annoy me

Now look at each one and create a list for it that gives you ideas of how to achieve it
Less clutter:
*Clean out the garage, other than art supplies toss or give away half of everything (Done)
*Actually get rid of the stuff you give away (half done)
*Figure out new, dedicated places to store things and label everything
*It anyone else’s stuff can be moved or consolidated do so
*Buy nothing that you will not actually use for sure
*Sort through sewing and art supplies, organize it all and discard what you dont want
*Stop buying out of boredom ( this one fits “Spend Less”, ” Less Stress” and “Clean house/garage”)

Do this for each, a physical notebook is also handy for this as is the ” Evernote” and “Colornote” apps


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