Done with OPD

This is the last thing I will say on this subject for a very long time…
I hate drama, I hate my own drama a lot and I am seeking to let it go
I love my friends, problems are not drama, I will always try to help my friends with their problems but I am politely asking to be spared drama as I am trying to free myself and others of drama including My drama.

Here are my definitions of “Drama” and “Problems”

“Drama”: unpleasant interactions between 2 or more people on an interpersonal level where feelings are hurt.
“Other People’s Drama”: when an unpleasant interaction between 2 or more people is brought to my attention so that it can #1 be complained about, #2 when the people complaining wish me to take sides and usually do something about it against the other person and #3 when the only advice they want to hear involves how the other person sucks and it is all the other persons fault.


“Problems”: things happen, money issues, sickness, health concerns, emotional problems, even relationship issues that you wish to discuss that are not based on anger and blame or side taking
“Other People’s Problems”: when a Friend or Family member has an issue they wish to talk about, health, finances, cars, kids, relationships, jobs, emotional concerns but they are not asking me to take sides, hate anyone or trying to involve me or others in a uncomfortable way.  When a friend needs advice and is willing to listen (they dont have to follow it but just consider it), when someone I care about wants to vent about something other than another friend.  When they accept I may not be able to help but know I will at least try.


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