Changing for the better

A lot of things have been changing in my life this last month or so and this weekend a bunch of stuff in my life fell apart and/or radically changed including something that has been a big part of my personal self identity for years.
The thing is I am OK with this because the fact is I haven’t been very happy with the me I find myself being and what I have been doing with my life.
Part of it was my meds being at too high of a dose, and another part of it was allowing myself to get bogged down with what I now realize was really unimportant stuff. Because of a wide variety of internal and external influences I have not advanced the way I wish.
There are many changes I will be making to make Alex and my life more enjoyable, the first of which is simply for me to find the me I want to be.
One of the first steps is no more complaining, time to see the world around me as an opportunity for advancement.
Another is to give up taking more on myself than I can handle and cutting back temporarily on my social obligations (because that is how most of it now feels, like an obligation not a pleasure) and walking away from things that stress cause.
I can choose to be happier and I will!


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