Big busy unfucking weekend

It’s starting…..
Unfucking super weekend!
Last night I sorted a bunch of give away out of the utility and entertaining cupboards and the art room and checked the kitchen, I am glad to say I only had 1 thing in my kitchen to give away, the rest was needed.
I woke up at 6am (4 hours ago) after about 2 hours sleep and couldn’t go back to sleep so I started sorting through the stuff to give away and putting it outside.
I then moved stuff into the art room from the front room and took my mom out for coffee to show her how to work her new laptop (after I learned 8.1 last night)
Finally I came home and did a few dishes and hauled in a bunch of art supplies from the garage to sort later this week and put away (it needs to be done by July 3rd) and separated out some empty boxes and still more give away stuff.
Later today, hopefully after a nap, I will sort out the ton of sewing notions and stuff I inherited and decide what I am selling (about 70%) and begin bagging material in space bags
Tomorrow is the big fast sort in the early AM, as quickly as we can we are sorting out Keep, give, toss…. Then we just as quickly sort things into piles of:
Household decor
Alex’s stuff
Storage options
Random (the random pile then gets reduced by half again because if I dont know where to put it it can’t be that important)
Those piles get boxed, labeled and put in different sections of the garage then I have the 2 friends I am storing stuff for either remove their stuff or repack it more carefully so it can be stacked into a much smaller space so I can have my work tables back.
My goal is to reduce all non art/craft stuff by half and reduce the space other peoples stuff takes up by half as well.  I also am coming up with storage and shelving options as the next step will be to carefully sort each section out into accessible and well labeled boxes.



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