Plans for unfucking my life in 47 days, OK at least a little bit

Everything has sort of fallen apart lately, 2 long road trips in 2 months have thrown my health and finances for a loop. I am mostly off of my meds and it is starting to show in my behavior. 
I am off of my “be nice” medicine because my Dr wasn’t able to fill it without seeing me first, so no …meds aren’t perfect but if I have the choice of being like this forever or taking meds you bet your Bippy I am taking those pills…in a few hours I go to see about changing my dosages and hopefully I can remain on a lower dose of Welbutron which has worked for me for 15 years but should have been reduced as I lost so much weight.
I have slacked on going to the gym, on buying the right kind of food for my screwy dietary restrictions and needs (large amounts of protein, low fiber, low low sugars) and I need to spend $ on some expensive vitamins as well that my altered anatomy needs (weight loss surgery related)
The house is Mostly clean but the garage and backyard are a disaster 
I need to make a lot of changes to how I take care of myself, my diet, my meds, my vitamins, getting more exercise, getting more protein, more water, less sugar.
I need to work to relieve stress and anxiety, improve impulse control, unfuck my house/garage/yard and art room so that it is fixed up how I want it, create more art, eat less crap, move more in every way, stress less about everything and most of all do what I am supposed to do.
First I need to get stable on my meds then maybe when I can think clearly enough to make and follow through with some plans I will get more stuff started.
By the 7th of July (28 days from now) when I see the plastic surgeon about a breast reduction I want to be stable on my meds, 
have my sugar addiction under control,
get back down to 190 (I went from 195 to 208 in 4 days this week because of MSG and massive water retention that I am still fighting, I am 202 now)
Be working out at the Y 4 days a week again and walking 2 miles at least twice a week

We have a large party planned for July 26th, 47 days away and by then I want at least to have:
My art room organized, my art supplies out of the garage or properly organized in the garage.
My bedroom and most of all my bedroom closet better organized
My pantry and freezer better stocked (getting back into freezer cooking whole foods and clean eating stuff)
My kitchen and party supplies as well as my utility closets organized
At least 1/3 of the rest of the garage-non art stuff organized (1/4 of the total garage is art stuff, materials, sewing supplies and the like and it is already sorted out and just needs put in its place to free up space so we can sort stuff)
The backyard at least weed eated, the BBQ fixed, the wood for bonfires all piled in one place and chairs and benches fixed and cleaned

It sounds like so much but I have to keep believing that it is doable and I can unfuck my life


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