Almost midyear

The last year has been hard, my grandma was sick and 6 months ago she died, I have had trouble recovering from my second knee surgery 10 months ago and I have slacked a lot on our health goals and our finances have been up and down and we need to get caught up.
I always try new years resolutions but I realize that as a person with seasonal affective disorder making major goals/plans in January is setting myself up to fail.  Midyear (July 2nd) is still 33 days away but the best time to make changes is NOW, not some future date.  Saying on Thursday that you will start a diet on Monday is a pretty good way to set yourself back pretty bad as you wait. 
No waiting!
So my goal is to have a plan, a detailed, working plan in place and in action by midyear day. 
Some of the things I need to figure out how to fix for both Alex and myself include:
*Our morning (pre work) schedule
*Exercise schedule
*Diet changes aimed towards better health
*Getting our medicine and supplements figured out (my WLS and mental health stuff and his sinuses/allergies)
*Paying off bills (we aren’t too far behind right now but we are at that point where it could go too far easily)
*Reducing spending and restocking our pantry
*Getting/keeping both cars in good condition
*Figuring out the best way to maintain the house and finally organizing the garage and art room and getting rid of things
*Thinking of good, cheap ways Alex and I can better enjoy our time together.


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