Stop shaking

Fuck you body stop shaking!
Trying to reduce my welbutron dosage in hopes of getting off of it, I have been at dangerously high doses for the last 4 years it ends up and many symptoms I blamed on my borderline or weight loss messing with my hormones may be from being on not just the maximum dose of 450mg a day but being on SIX fucking 75mg pills which increases how much I absorb.
I have blamed other things for stuff like rage fits and not being able to concentrate enough to read a book or watch more than a few hours of something once in a while, for loss of memory, low blood pressure on standing and these fucking shakes all of which I have never had before or at least to this extent.
I always had ADD but looking at Netflix I realized that 4 years ago is when I suddenly stopped watching all TV and 97% of movies not just because I am not much of a fan but because I can’t concentrate, same with when I stopped being able to finish books.
A month after my duodenal switch surgery there was concern I wouldn’t be able to absorb enough welbutron so my dose was adjusted…I am hoping against hope that it hasn’t caused permanent damage to my brain.

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