Sippy cup party?

After the last party (all my friends Spring birthdays rolled into one bonfire/house party) the kitchen floor was sticky as hell.  I know of 3 full drinks spilled in the kitchen and 2 on the “party rug” (a 6’x8′ plastic backed thick rug we spread out by the couches for parties) 
The rug is easy enough to clean with a wet rag and carpet spray and we only bring it out occasionally.  But the kitchen linoleum was covered in juice, soda and rum.
Despite still aching from riding bike at the YMCA today (up to 5.5 miles) I didnt want Alex to do it after work so after washing 2 loads of dishes and 2 huge drink dispensers and 8 shot glasses I started mopping the floor with bleach water, then clean water then went over the entire thing with a damn towel (now being washed)
So do you think if I bought a few dozen dollar store sippy cups I could convince people to use them?  With the lids on?

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