Dear self, Stop saying you will do it and just DO it!

Riding at the Y…I realized something, there is no point in doing things to make you healthier and happier if you keep doing things that you know will make you feel worse mentally and physically and since I won’t give up trying to get better I guess I need to quit or hardcore reduce bad habits that effect my physical and mental wellbeing.
Number 1 is sugar consumption and eating better overall: I say I want to lose weight, I want to build muscles and I hate the effects sugar has on my body and yet everyday I am eating refined sugar in the form of candy.  This has to stop, because unlike so many people who can “cut back I can’t” a small amount of refined sugar makes me crave ever increasing amounts.
Which brings me to number 2…alcohol: simple fact, I never know from time to time how my body will react to alcohol and recently I have had a few scares with how drunk I became.  Also my body reacts to booze like it does any sugar and I spend the next 3-4 days desperately craving sugar.  Drinking makes my entire body ache the next day now and makes it easier to feel depressed and tired.
And depressed leads into the next one, number 3 my meds: I have been slacking on my vitamins, supplements and I believe my psyche meds are either way off dosage or have become ineffective after 15 years.  I need to start taking ALL of my supplements, no matter how much they cost and at the end of this month I have an appointment to begin seeing a new shrink.

If I mean what I say then these changes need to come along with the working out.


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