Stronger than my excuses

Excuses not to go to the Y:
#1 I am so tired
#2 I ache
#3 sort of down and out of it
#4 guts are mad at me
#5 I need to take a bath
#6 its late
#1 Then exercise will either wake you up or help you sleep either way you win
#2 You will ache no matter what, you can ache because of inactivity or because you did something to make yourself stronger so that you won’t each so much in the future
#3 Exercise can help elevate mood and focus your thoughts and even if it doesnt at least you won’t be down on yourself for not exercising
#4 Exercise helps digestion
#5 Might as well wash your hair after you earn a long bath and need it for a good reason not just because your hair is frizzy
#6 then you better get a move on

The timer was running out…lol

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