Entering year 4 post WLS

In 2 weeks I will be 4 yrs out from my weight loss surgery (april 26 2010) I will also be 1 year out of my 1st knee replacement and 9 months out of my 2nd one.
This makes me realize a few things mainly the fact that I am not where I want to be physically.
#1 I am 30 pounds heavier than I would prefer to be (aiming for 170) but if I could add 10% more muscle mass I could live with 190 as every pound under 200 is a benefit for my knees.
#2 Speaking of which, I want to improve my stamina, my strength and muscle structure as I still am very weak from rapid muscle loss and lack of exercise while crippled up
#3 I need to improve my eating, not just improve what I eat but why, I need to not just get a grip on simple carbs but improve my protein, water and complex carb intake to not just generally healthier foods but ones that cause me the least discomfort as I often use feeling sick as an excuse to eat wrong or not exercise

If I improve those 3 areas, weight control (maintenance at least) stamina/strength and improved eating I believe in a year when I enter my 5th year post Weight Loss Surgery I will be in a lot more amazing shape than I am now and on a road towards being healthier for the rest of my life.



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