My 2014 fitness goal #1

Some people’s goals are to do C2-5k ……couch to 5k … Going from not exercising to running a 5k race (3.16m) in just 12 weeks.
My goal is to be able to walk that much (or more) in a day and not hurt at night from sore muscles and nerve pain.
I am already to the point where I can walk that much without really hurting at the time and very little ache in the hours afterwards but come time to relax and sleep and painful spasms start up like mad and are much worse when I have walked a lot.
The thing is only time will make the nerves heal (or die off…either way no neuropathy pain, though it may just be a lifelong issue) and it isn’t going to help for me to do nothing in the meantime just because it hurts less at night for a few hours.
So my goal for this next year is to be able to walk 5 miles a day (or ride 7 come winter when I end up having to join a gym) and actually do it and not giving up because of the pain even if it never does go away.


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