Chayote squash crockpot sauté

Alex and I agreed to try a different food, veggie, grain or fish, every month in at least 2 recipes and I would blog about it.
This month we got a late start but today I got 3 Chayote squash for $1 on clearance and after buying them I had to look them up since I wasn’t sure if they were a fruit or veggie, as they look like pears.
What I have read says they have a very mild taste between a cucumber and an apple and I since have a package of baby Bella mushrooms I got for $0.99 I am making something with that…
Ohhhhh just made the most amazing veggie dish in the crockpot, kept it small, no grain, and not a casserole… I just didn’t feel like sautéing it.
I put 2 tbsp of butter some garlic and Lawry’s seasoning salt in the bottom of the large 6qt crockpot the I peeled and diced then layered in a slivered onion and 2 Chayote (pear) squash,



I diced up small sweet peppers,


and washed and sliced 8 oz of baby portabella mushrooms and poured in 4 oz of water.



After that all I did was stir it 4 times over the next 2.5 hours and it came out amazing.
This would be a wonderful side dish with fish or chicken or served on top of Quinoa that was made with the left over juices from the veggies. (I am heating up some turkey in the juices to season otherwise bland meat)

I also made Alex a dish with some of the veggies, he has a sore tooth so I soaked steel cut oats in chicken broth with a tbsp of sweet chili sauce for a few hours then diced up some rotisserie chicken and baked it at 325° for 35 mins then added cheese and baked it 10 more mins. I scooped some of the veggies and some of the veggie broth on it and stirred.
Ommmmm Nom Nom! Wish my tummy would not get made about that much oats cause wow it tastes amazing and has a nutty moist couscous texture

By the way I have one Chayote left so I may try stuffing it…recipe soon.


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