Xrays and walks

Woot! After X-Rays and an exam the orthopedic surgeon says the knees are perfect and it is just a bone bruise and soft tissue strain and gave me exercises to help strengthen the muscles and told me to ice the bone bruise.  The surgery part is so good I don’t have to go back in July for the 1 year exam on the left knee.
So to celebrate (and cause I missed the bus and didn’t want to wait) I walked home 2 miles including Americana hill (about a 1/4 mile hill)…it is the longest single walk I have done in ….ummmmm decades. 🙂
I was carrying a bouquet of daffodils I got at Trader Joe’s (2 batches of 10 for $1.29 each) and since my phone was near dead I just listened to the world around me.
Today is the international day of happiness and I celebrated by handing out flowers and giving the baristas at the coffee shop goodies and by enjoying life even when tired and in a desperate need of the bathroom…lol
So next week I see my general practitioner  for general checkup and to see if there is a reason I have been sick 4 times so far this year after not having a real cold in 3 years and also ask for a reference to a psyche with St. Luke’s so all my stuff is through them.
Then on April second I see an allergist to make sure gluten is my only issue.
And in 40 days or so I have my yearly blood work and check up with the bariatic surgeons office.

Between all of that and more exercise, eating healthier and trying to manage my stress better I hope to be feeling better soon…it is just frustrating to have gone through the surgeries, the recoveries and end up feeling too crappy to take advantage of it all.
Now I am resting and cooking coconut curry chicken for the protein but also because curry is an antiinflammatory and well…yum!

Now to bake some spicy chicken and take a nap!

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