This last year of stress

The last year has been weird and while parts of it were amazing it has been overall stressful and I think my body is saying “if you won’t deal with it intellectually I will force you to face it”
In the last year:
I had 2 very major surgeries that I am still recovering from, the last of which isn’t healing as well and so I still have knee and leg pain and weakness
My grandmother died after a year of being very sick with cancer so I watched the person who had been my anchor my entire life fade away and become helpless only to realize I couldn’t help her enough.  She had been the person I would tell my problems to and then I couldn’t because she was so weak then gone.
I had to radically alter my already limited diet twice, once due to Gluten Intolerance and most recently from issues with the dairy protein Cassin.  
All of these restrictions are causing me to deal with many of my emotional long held food issues.  I am constantly having to worry about getting enough protein and to examine every bit of food I eat. 
I dealt with some massive interpersonal stresses with a roommate (now gone) for 6 months that had me nearly insane.
We are dealing with financial issues as well as major transportation problems and a handful of other stuff including the desperate need to unfuck my Art room, food storage and most of all, and most intimidating, our garage of doom.
So really it is not so surprising that my body is finally rebelling.
I am trying really hard to get better, both physically and mentally but part of that means reducing stress and so I won’t hesitate to remove or avoid stressors including people who upset me and my inner peace.


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