Pi day low sugar sweet potato pie

A little late but here is my pi day pie


Crustless low sugar sweet potato pie (one with and one without brown sugar pecan topping)

And of course it is one of my usual “throw ingredients together and hope” recipes but it comes out to 2 pies and each only has half a cup of sugar but depending on how sweet you want it and if you want to use artificial sweeteners (I didn’t want to)

3 sweet potatoes boiled and mashed with 3 tbs butter
1 cup of milk
5 eggs
Dash real vanilla
1 cup of white sugar (double if you want it really sweet)
Pie spice to taste

After boiling, peeling and mashing the sweet potatoes beat all the ingredients with beaters and pour into 2 oiled Pyrex pie pans (or uncooked crusts if you have them though it won’t be gluten free) and bake at 350° for 35 mins then add topping (or not) and reduce heat to 325° for 15 mins

Brown sugar
Pie spice
Chopped pecans
(Melt butter and sugar together and stir in pecans and season then spoon on top)

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