The Stress-Free diet

What is a stress-free diet? I am going on a diet from stress.
I am going to give up on stressing out. (Yes I AM! Stop laughing…I can so do it!)

How to do a stress free diet (for me, your needs will most likely vary)
#1. Accept that there are some things I either can’t change or can’t rush along because they are out of my hands.
#2. Make a list of everything that stresses me out, big and small and tiny too…now mark out everything I can’t change
#3. Do things you enjoy, art, reading, going for walks and lots of self care.
#4. Take the rest of the list and decide it into categories such as, *financial, *health, *time management *things to do…..and of course “others people’s stupid drama bullshit”, (note: there is no interpersonal problems with friends or family so that helps)
#5. Spend times with those wonderful friend and family and enjoy yourself
#6. Take the first 4 categories and list things by priority then make note on how to each thing can be fixed
#6.5. Take “other people’s stupid drama bullshit” and refuse to let it upset you, try letting other people handle it, and if that doesn’t work consider cutting dramamongering  people out of your life.
#7. Never forget you deserve downtime, you have the right to say “no, not at this time” both to others and to yourself.
#8. Implement as many of the changes as you can without stressing out,
#9. Accept that even amongst the things you can change there may be things you need to put aside for sanity sake until you can better deal with it.
#10. Relax, take care of your physical and mental/emotional needs, you deserve it.

note Woot!!! once I took out all of #6.5 and marked out what I could not change it is a wonderfully small list!!!!!



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