Preparty to do list

After whatever freaky allergy (or whatever) attack I had last night I still feel really stiff and odd physically and mentally…emotionally I am fine though so that helps.
I wish we had a nicer bathtub though (even just one with a sloping backrest) because today is seriously a 3 bath day.
We are having an out of town guest who will be performing at a steampunk event that starts at 10pm Saturday night and we are hosting a pre party/going away party for my nephew that evening and there is a lot to do despite my head being muggy, my chest feeling like I was hit by a truck and my ears ringing (all results of the allergy attack last night…getting tested soon to confirm that is what it was and what triggered it)
Oh well time to get stuff done regardless and that means
ToDo list Time!!!!!
Woot you knew it was coming right?!?

Scrub the bathtub
Clean the toilet
Wash the bathroom sink
Organize the vanity
Put bathroom rugs through the wash/tumble cool air dry
Sweep up the art room
Clean off the counters
Clean off the stove top
Unload the dishwasher
Partially load the dishwasher
Scrub out the sink/disinfect disposal
Wipe off the sideboard and table
Wipe off the washer and dryer
Organize things for Sat afternoon
Put out party dishes
Cover the washer/dryer to use as a bar
Cover the wooden table
Organize empty freezer storage containers and lids
Sweep kitchen
Mop kitchen
Tidy front room

Alex gets to vacuum all the carpets
Scoop cat litter
Take out garbage
Move the recliner into the art room
Bring the futon pad in from the garage
(Mind you he works and I don’t)

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