Low sugar fruit butter

I made Strawberry/apple butter today and it came out amazing!  Now I am making a batch of Plum/peach/blackberry butter.
I had a gallon plus of cleaned frozen strawberries that came out of my grandmother’s freezer after she passed away in Dec last year, I had gotten them for $1 a pound last summer.  I also had a few bags of frozen, pitted plums, one of frozen peach slices and one of frozen blackberries that needed using.
I put the frozen strawberries in the crockpot with 2/3cup water (juice would have been good) and 1/2 a cup of sugar and began cooking them on high for hours with the lid lifted up on top of 2 large chopsticks.
Every time I walk by I stir it and when it reduced by half I added 12 oz of applesauce and squeezed out an orange (since I wasn’t canning it I really didn’t need the acidity) and continued to cook it.
When it was reduced to the thickness I wanted I allowed it to cool and put it in a bunch of labeled 4oz freezer containers and one 6 oz one…this will last 3-4 weeks in the fridge.
The plums will take longer because to thaw and peel them I added them to a crockpot with a cup of water.  As they thawed the skins came right off and I mashed them into the water and added the rest of the fruit, right now it is cooking down on low over night.  The plums and blackberry mix isn’t as sweet so I may have to add an extra cup of sugar but it is still less than jam would have.

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