Fitting in

Sometimes I feel I don’t fit anywhere body wise.
#1 I am considered by many to be a traitor to the BBW (so called Size acceptance – “fat promotion”) community that I had fans in during my super size modeling day for choosing to protect my health over their desires
#2 many in the “body acceptance” community who claim people should be able to be any size big or small and still be respected seem offended that I chose what they perceive to be “looks thing” by having weight loss surgery and for admitting that there is a point where you can no longer be “Fat and Fit” because your weight is grinding your bones to dust.
#3 I don’t fit into a lot of the weight loss/fitness community because those who didn’t have surgery often feel I cheated and got off easy and resent me and my type of surgery is much less common and often misunderstood by other WLS people.
#4 finally I still am not small enough to blend in with societal standards of healthy beauty, my weight loss is stalled and I feel like I am still fat and always will be.
In the long run my own opinion is all that matters but it is frustrating


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