My choice is to be happy, don’t stand in my way

My declaration: I deserve to be happy.
And in the long run I am the only person who ensures that that happiness happens, I control not just how I see the world, but how I react to it.

I control over how I treat myself both physically and mentally, and while outside influences may make it difficult at times to take proper care of myself, my health and my joy, they will not stand in my way unless I allow them to.
I have control over how I treat others, and I have the right to insist that those people I allow into my personal life treat me with the same respect I give to them and others.
If I want to be truly happy I need to make it happen, that means intentionally bringing good things and people into my life, it also means removing those things and people that cause me to doubt my worth, who treat me with less respect than I would treat any friend or that would bring unhappiness to me.
I decide to be happy, and I am the person who is responsible for making that happen.

Being kind, being giving and generous make me happy.
Being artistic and creative and sharing what I do and what I know makes me happy
Being aware of the beauty in the world, both obvious and odd, makes me happy
Being around people who treat others well and share their joy makes me happy
Being healthy and being comfortable in my body and my environment also makes me happy
Spreading happiness and laughing with others makes me happy
I can choose to bring about the small changes in my life, in my environment and my viewpoint, that will help make me happy or I can allow outside influences and internal doubts to taint my joy.
It is up to me.


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