All my facets rub well with his

Here is the thing about good relationships, gay or straight: they should make you both want to be a better person while never making you ashamed of any part of you.
Your partner doesn’t need to love every aspect of your nature equally but they need to accept your right to be different things at different times.
I am female in a straight marriage and I am, in any random turn, a total girly girl, a butch bitch, a raging dragqueen, a total momma to the masses, a creatively compulsive craft goddess, a 5yr old in a 45yr old body, a struggling post weightloss surgery person with serious health and mental issues and more love than I know what to do with wife ….and all those aspects deserve lovin damn it.
Good thing I found a guy with lots of his own facets and a great deal of love and understanding


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