Going to find out if it is hypothyroidism

A lot has been going on lately including gaining 20 pounds in 3 months. Tomorrow I call the dr to request a test.
Here are the symptoms I have lately
Family history: Both of my Grandma’s had and my paternal cousin has severe hypothyroidism
I feel fatigued, exhausted 
Im Feeling run down, sluggish, lethargic
My nails are thin and brittle 
My skin is dry
I have a hoarse or gravely voice lately
I have puffiness and swelling around the eyes and face
I have pains, aches in joints, hands and feet 
I am having irregular menstrual cycles (longer, heavier) 
I feel depressed 
I feel restless 
My moods change easily 
I have feelings of worthlessness 
I have difficulty concentrating 
I have more feelings of sadness 
I seem to be losing interest in normal daily activities (cleaning/gaming)
I’m more forgetful lately 
I can’t seem to remember things 
I have no sex drive 
I feel shortness of breath and tightness in the chest 
I feel the need to yawn to get oxygen 
My eyes feel gritty and dry 
I get recurrent sinus infections (after not being sick for 3+ years)
I have vertigo (Orthostatic Hypotention)
I feel some lightheadedness 
I am constipated
I have unexplained weight gain
I get cold easily compared to others
The hair on my legs has thinned radically

It is possible it could be made worse by iodine as I get a stupidly large amount
Weird science
I have been getting sick the last few months, well more and more and worse and worse over the last 3 months with a variety of symptoms that should lead to a diagnosis of Hypothyroidism if I am correct…but that usually builds over years not months.
In my researching i looked back at my blog to see that I began having more and more of these symptoms since mid Nov and I blamed it on a lot of random things at the tim not seeing them as connected but now I see that they are. 
In my research I also found a thing called IODINE INDUCED HYPOTHYROIDISM… Getting so much more iodine than the 150-250mcg a day women my age should get (250 being the very top end)  the problem is my very needed vitamin supplements give me 150mcg and I currently take in OVER 400mcg MORE a day mostly in dairy. 
I know I didn’t always do this so what explains the increase?
A little more blog research shows that 4 months ago (Oct  15th) I bought a small 16 oz coffee maker, it lasted 3 weeks before I decided to retire it for my 12 cup coffee pot and the delusion that I could make just 4 cups without drinking more every day.
The coffee wouldn’t be the problem, no the problem is the fact that my coffee tends to be 50/50 with milk which has me drinking up to 48 oz A DAY. (8 oz has around 50mcg of iodine, I also eat a lot of cheese and yogurt)
Tomorrow I call my dr to ask for a thyroid screening and if they can test for iodine levels but for now my coffee pot goes back to the garage and i reduce my iodine level back under 250mcg, if I haven’t done long term damage I might be feeling better by April.


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