Saturday cleanup for party

Sleep, or at least no moving/cleaning for the next hour, leg muscles are killing me.
It is 3:45pm, I have been going nearly non stop cleaning or shopping (1 hour) since 7:45am…I can’t wait until I am strong enough for that not to wipe me out.
So far I have:
Scrubbed the tub
Scrubbed the toilet (and fixed the chain in the tank)
Scrubbed the bathroom sink and cleaned the vanity
Washed the bathroom floor rugs (they take forever to dry on fluff, cold, setting)
Swept the bathroom and kitchen
Worked on my spaghetti sauce
Slow cooked chicken with onions and peppers
Went to the store twice
Walked .32 miles to my moms (there was a time I couldn’t do that)
Did 3 loads of laundry
hauled a huge load of clothes that we put away
Cleaned the counters
Cleaned the stove top, toaster oven and microwave.
Scrubbed the old unfinished wooden table (wow they get dirty)
Cleaned the sideboard and top of the washer and dryer.
Emptied and reloaded/ran the dishwasher
Made breakfast
Help make the big bed
Moved lawn chairs that had gotten blown all over the yard
Moved bamboo mats to get the weeds that were trying to grow through them out.
Moved a bench
Finally ate a chicken sausage (tummy hates me so won’t handle food right now)

Ok, going to block my apps for an hour and rest

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