Sigh, getting back on the wagon

So it works like this….I am fine if I DON’T EAT ANY SUGAR or simple carbs.  I can have a drink or two preferably in coffee and I can eat apples in limited quantities, the once a week bowl of popcorn if I share it and the very random Kind or Luna Protein bar…but NO CANDY AT ALL.
I am not diabetic, it won’t kill me, what I am is insulin resistant.
Give my body a small amount of simple carbs (refined sugars or grains) and it goes into gorge mode, cravings to the point of feeling both physically and mentally out of control.
I can do it if I don’t eat simple carbs, the cravings fade away for the most part.
I have done so well all week and then while tipsy yesterday I ate 3 bites of a chocolate oatmeal treat, I thought I was doing good for eating so little but this morning I was craving sugar so badly and I gave in to half a mint bar, then a package of kettle corn then I couldn’t stop thinking of sugar, I had another package of microwave popcorn and a bunch of large candy hearts and another medium sized mint bar.
I haven’t had that much sugar in the last week combined and I feel awful.
Tomorrow I am back on my low low sugar thing…maxing out protein and water, I can’t let one day mess up my intentions to get better


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